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of the 15th « Busy Week » of consortium MUSE-GTO

The 15th Busy Week will take place from June 18 – 22 at the  Azureva Hendaye, near Biarritz, France.

Around 50 scientists, including PhD students and post-docs, will meet to present their results from GTO observations, share their experience with the data reduction and analysis, and prepare for upcoming observing time. By inviting scientists to collaborate, the Busy Week meetings foster synergy between the different institutes and working groups, to the great advantage of the consortium. Sharing our experiences with working on the complex MUSE data from diverse observing programs allows the consortium to be at the forefront of each scientific topic.


Scientific Organizing Committee


Roland Bacon (CRAL, Lyon) 

Marcella Carollo (ETH Zurich) 

Thierry Contini (IRAP, Toulouse) 

Stefan Dreizler (Univ. Gottingen) 

Bruno Guiderdoni (CRAL, Lyon) 

Joop Schaye (Univ. Leiden) 

Peter Weilbacher (AIP, Potsdam)

Lutz Wisotzki (AIP, Potsdam) 


Local Organizing Committee


Thierry Contini (IRAP, Toulouse)  

Dolorès Granat (IRAP, Toulouse) 

Geneviève Soucail (IRAP, Toulouse)




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March 19, 2018

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April 15, 2018

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